A boy amongst men

By Petros Aronis

The bones of small children hurt inside their feet, inside their arms, inside their chest as they grow taller and bigger. This series is the physical reconstruction of the aching inside the growing body of a child refusing to become an adult.

The series is based on the idea of what it means to be an adult. Everybody thinks that growing up is about learning how to pay taxes. No, it is about discovering the notions and the values suitable for your individual life and giving up on them because the world does not circle in that rhythm. Adulthood is not about paying your rent on time, it is about accepting you are never going to be loved the way you want to. We all have experienced difficulty learning by heart the multiplication table and somehow we all have managed to learn it. But in life, we are all children incapable of learning. We mess up constantly, we make the same mistakes over and over again and experience is never a good educator.

I have always been interested in gender theories and how men are viewed in our society and with this series I have tried to confront the ideas our society hold for men. A man should always be in charge of every situation, always holding strong and never showing any sign of weakness. Boys are born and at the age of two when their walking is still clumsy, they fall and hurt themselves and make a loud scream before they start to cry, at the age of ten when they twist their ankle in the football practice, they complain about the uncomfortable sense of pain they feel and by the time they are twenty any pain is silenced inside their muscled bodies. This series is dedicated to the boys that refuse to become men in the sense of the word that our world expects them to be.



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