Archie Fitzgerald

Archie Fitzgerald is turning into a DRECK magazine obsession, having been featured more than once. From England to Berlin to Melbourne, this is one genius artist whose work is so mind-blowingly fucked up it gets you really hooked. The inspiration behind it partly explains that: serial killers, pedophiles, rapists, internet freaks, anything wrong in people’s heads.


Last time we spoke you mentioned “fucked up” minds as a source of inspiration. What draws your interest into a “fucked up ” mind? How do you decide you want to draw it?

Everything about it draws my interest to that, I don’t know. The idea of worlds inside different people’s heads creates some great imagery and fucked up ones would be some of the most interesting to me. I don’t think I can really explain it, it makes total sense to me. I think it’s no different to how some people are really interested in animals or science or something.


Do you think our society is advancing and becoming more open-minded, as it wants to claim, or do you think this is all an illusion? Regarding the art world and society in general.

Yeah, I do think our society is advancing in many ways in some parts of the world. In many countries, the ideas of being gay and transgender are becoming way more accepted which is great but there are still tons of places where issues like gender, sexuality, religion etc is still a huge problem. And yeah the art world is always a bit advanced to most of society I think, whether it advances in ways I like or dislike I can’t really say but I like that it progresses.


Your work is quite provoking.  Have you ever been attacked by someone because of it?

No, I have never been attacked by someone for it really, I am waiting for that day to happen. I did a 7” cover for The Coltranes which had a woman getting fucked by lots of weird looking guys and I heard that they got confronted at gigs a couple of times for it. Part of the reason I draw provoking stuff is to provoke people so I want it to happen. I want people to have something to think about, something to annoy them or to question their values.

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According to your point of view, how much do sex organs have to do with sex and sexuality?

I don’t know, yeah they do a bit but not loads I suppose.

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How important is lust in your life and how does it affect your actions and your way of thinking?

It is not that important and I don’t think it affects my actions much. I’m not as horny a guy as my work might make you think.


If you had to draw a portrait of lust, what would it be like? What colours would you use?

I have no idea, I assume it would be pink and messy.

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What do you think is the biggest taboo in our society?



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(outtake from print issue LUST)