The Heirs

Desireé De Stefano is an argentinian  photographer, film maker & Vj, based in Buenos Aires.

” This piece is an anthology of intimate portraits, about beings that expose themselves physically and emotionally. This characters exist in a sensual dialog between looks, in a silent exchange that aim to undress those parts of vulnerability that are difficult to expose. In the indefinable and infinitive variety of possible genders that a human can live, I like to express blurred lines with lacking definition. I want to provoke reactions especially to myself, to seduce me with questions that appear in an interaction with the other person. I want the models to show me how they desire to be seen, it represents an emotional meditation to me, to scare me for a moment.”

Desireé DeStefano 006

Photography: Desireé De Stefano

Styling: Ailen Zoe Monzon

Desireé DeStefano 010Desireé DeStefano 009Desireé DeStefano 008Desireé DeStefano 007Desireé DeStefano 005Desireé DeStefano 004Desireé DeStefano 003 - CopyDesireé DeStefano 002Desireé DeStefano 001 - Copy

Make Up: Sofia May

Models: Emir Nahuel Bezzana, Rodrigo Meirino

Special thanks: Alejandro Albin