Suicide Girl by Matvey Cherry

Matvey Cherry is an avant-pop artist originally from Yekaterinburg, Russia but currently based in Houston, Texas. He is an active member of the underground stage, working across different media, including music, video, text and has gained both critical acclaim and official condemnation for his outspoken queer performances and activism. His first EP “Attention Whore”, this eclectic trip from synthpop and darkwave to breakbeat has already found its fans on social media and on streaming services.
We are happy to be featuring his music videos “Suicide Girl” which is a queer story from the world of eternal night, with drugs, nightmares and sexual uncertainty.
Describing his vision of the video in his own words:

“Suicide Girl” is directed by twins Andrew Andreev and Kirill Kirillov. We filmed this video in a cheap motel in Yekaterinburg, Russia and decorated the room with neon by ourselves. Christina Patlasova, makeup artist and stylist, made the images look like a psychedelic dream with additional influences from glam-rock and rave culture. Models (Sasha Reimer, for example, a well know model working at Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks) and actors, among which people of color and LGBTQ+ members, generously offered their time and wonderful energy to show the purgatory of eternal night, where there are drugs, nightmares, coke with alcohol, and endless trouble. This video is about the state of mind, when you feel weak and you have a lot of outlets. When you can’t resist the temptation to look, to explore, and sometimes to participate, almost reaching to the edge before you go away. Because the depravity within man, and that fantastic suicide instinct together with other disgusting things never reveal themselves until you show them some interest. And the only way to defeat the devil is to make love to him. That’s what fascinates and frightens, but escapism is our antidote to the world we live in, ‘cause at times, it’s as cruel as we can be only to ourselves.