Brigitta Mathe

Brigitta Mathe was born and raised in Hungary and after finishing her History studies, she moved to England. She is currently working in London and hoping to relocate soon. She is influenced by everything surrounding her, but mostly fascinated by imperfections.  She loves realism and vintage blackwork and she likes the shine in your eyes. Even though, mostly a self-taught artist, she has learned a lot from different artists she worked with. She paints and draws with a lot of different media and techniques since she has been creating art all her life. Back in her country, she had won a few art competition and been presented in local newspapers. She is working on a future exhibition too and has a couple of projects in her pocket. 


How did you start out as a tattoo artist?

To be completely honest, I have always been drawing since Kindergarten. But when I wanted to apply for art school, my parents didn’t support me as I was a good student and they wanted me to study something that would make I studied History. Not that it would make more money than art but anyway… After uni, I decided to move to the UK and job after job I ended up on the lovely Channel Islands. Between my shifts as a waitress, I built up a portfolio and started applying to studios and one of them took me onboard… the rest is history.


What was your first tattoo?

The first tattoo that I have ever done was a traditional gipsy girl with a wolf hat. I did it on my ex and even though it was a small design the size of my palm, I was working on it for about 4hrs… No one could have stopped me at that time. My own first tattoo I got when I was sixteen by a friend who couldn’t draw for his life so instead of an angel, what I am clearly not, it became a sausage with wings. Still love/hate it.


Where do you draw inspiration from and how do you describe yourself as an artist?

I use life as an inspiration, I keep watching random human faces and materials and shining in general as it reflects on objects. I like to watch everything around me and study it for hours. I also adore imperfection, I love deformities on every level and everything that is dead. I get a lot of inspiration from medical photos and coroner articles. I don’t know how to describe myself as an artist I guess I am my worst critic, I am a freak with some brushes and a tattoo gun mixed with a hint of antisocial, sarcasm and some nice colours! Enjoy!


What was the craziest tattoo that you have ever done?

Haha, I love this question… I have done a lot. But I always remember this one as it’s kinda cute and crazy also. I love a good laugh and it was definitely one. So it was back in time, around 4-5years ago, I had a lady popping into the studio I was working at the time alongside one of my best friends in Bournemouth. She said, “look I know it sounds weird but it’s a birthday present for my husband, I really want to get his eyebrows tattooed over my panty line, and I want them to be square and realistic.” So basically I did the eyebrows – hair by hair, to make it look very realistic, over her bikini line.. and when she is on the beach it looks like a  smiley face. It was an inside joke between them before they got married and they only used to be friends. I just don’t know how the husband must have reacted to that. I did it though. It looked hilarious, but isn’t this one of the most romantic and crazy things you could do for your husband?


Is there anything you would never agree to draw/tattoo?

Yeah, of course, I would never tattoo any banned symbols or racist or homophobic tattoos. That is all I can think of.. and maybe I would refuse to tattoo Taylor Swift’s portrait haha .. just kidding.


Apart from tattooing what other things do you enjoy doing?

I am enjoying my life in general. I read sometimes, and if I want to leave the house I go bouldering and running, or travelling and spending crazy time with my boy in Chicago. Also, I like to poke people in the eyes and catching fish with my hands. I collect dead things and hammers and I am very interested in coroner works so I read and listen about it and also I adore funny history related podcasts. I enjoy eating too and petting my bugs. I do enjoy too many things and I certainly have too little time for most of them but I am trying very hard to fit everything that makes me happy into my life:)