Daniel Dehnert

Daniel Dehnert is an LA based photographer working mostly with Polaroids and digital cameras. He uses his cameras to capture moments and express himself creating vibrant, powerful imagery. All shapes, cultures, genders are of interest to him provided he can connect to his subject through good conversation.


Are you new to photography? Or is it more like you want to put the focus on your recent work? What does photography mean to you? And how did you discover your love for it?

I wouldn’t say that I’m new to photography, but I am relatively new to considering myself a photographer.  I see photography as just another medium of art. Some people used brushes or pencils, I use a camera to capture a moment or try to express myself. Honestly, my boyfriend helped me discover that I had any talent. I still don’t see my work as he does, but he was the one that said I should practice it as a craft.


You shoot both digital and polaroids. How do you approach each differently?

Polaroids you have 8 exposures. That’s it.  So you really have to be present with your subject. With digital you have unlimited exposures. So to have a little more freedom.


How do you pick your subjects? Which qualities are you looking for in someone to photograph? Is it people you know or how do you approach them?

I don’t “pick” them. I will photograph anyone and everyone. All shapes, cultures, genders. The quality I look for is a good conversation.


How do you think social media and the internet are affecting art today?

I think social media has made people’s artwork more accessible which is amazing! But of course, social media is problematic in general so there is also that.


What would be your dream project as an artist/photographer?

To do a public installation. Something large scale.


What are you working on at the moment?

Trying to get a book together. It’s finding the time to do it that’s the problem.