By David Shama

136 Pages 
8” x 11.5 
Published by Damiani in 2018

David Shama released his first photography book just a few months ago. “Do Not Feed Alligators” published by Damiani, is a book of 136 pages filled with wonderful analog shots of the well known and talented photographer. In his book, he is documenting his road trips in the South (US) taken from 2012-2017. From San Diego to Florida, driving through all the states in between, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, etc…


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David likes adventure and he likes to experience the real world.


“Do Not Feed The Alligators” is a glimpse in the photographer’s life through his eyes. And there is more, during his trips David took with him a newly met girl each time and together while getting to know each other they were documenting the strangers they met and the landscapes they crossed.

The title, that has also become a metaphor for youth and freedom to him, came from countless signs they saw in these areas of swamps stating just that.

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