Tell me what it means to be a digital creator today?

I think digital creators are people who create their own personalities and tastes by using a variety of media regardless of the media.

Is your daily life as vivid, neon-colored, and digital as your art?

My daily life used to be like that.
These days I’m more concerned about work and my inner story.
Instead of being more casual on the outside, the inside is full of my imagination and fantasy.

How did your aesthetics develop?

Since I was young, I have been interested in various fields and had no hesitation in trying new things.
Thanks to this, I think I have accumulated a lot of knowledge.  Such a spirit of challenge seems to have been a good experience for me to advance my work.

Which would be your dream city to photograph in and why?

I want to take pictures in London. The reason is that I like the city and London has been a place of cultural interest since I was young. Or New York!

Where do you get ideas and inspiration from?

I usually watch movies or animations or read novels.

Tell me, who is Oh Se Ae behind all the colors and the light? How much of you do you put into your work?   

There is a shadow in every brilliant light. For my work to shine I always agonize behind the scenes like a shadow. ‘ Oh Se Ae ‘ is working on creating another image of the real world or a virtual world by melting various emotions and images.
I think I’m creating a fantasy that can be felt in my life.
I usually concentrate on my work even outside working hours.