Anna Kazanova x Sean Marquardt

Anna Kazanova is a Ukrainian photographer and graphic designer based in Berlin. Anna has been working with photography media for over 10 years. She has had a number of exhibitions and artistic collaborations in Europe and Ukraine. Anna works with analogue black and white photography, which requires long hours working with film and chemicals in the darkroom. For the past year, she has been intensively experimenting with alternative photography techniques photographing remarkable Berlin artists.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt aka MoreBlackThenGod, is a Berlin based American performance artist, musician, free improvisor and composer of experimental music, and independent video content producer. He is also the musical theatre writer/composer of experimental “Drone Drama (Music For The Dead)”, now currently being filmed by California-based visual artist Cecelia Chapman.

“Collodion Wet Plate Process:

Wooden camera, precisely cut glass plates, custom-made film holders and a collection of esoteric and explosive chemicals – that is what I need first of all when shooting with collodion. Then comes the fetishistic ceremony of “flowing the glass plate” where the desired composition will eventually appear. One of a kind, no reproduction, no retouching. Unscrewing the collodion bottle and taking a lungful of fragrant heavy ether. The exotically tempting smell – the drug of choice for Rimbaud, Rossetti , Verlaine and Bulgakov. The ceremony has begun and it’s not just another snapshot. Be open and try to appreciate accidents on the way. Welcome ripply flaws caused by a breeze or a tiny mote of dust, a comet-like streak or the peeled-away emulsion in the corners of a glass plate and you will be just fine. “Pray for the angel of uncertainty and spirits of ether” Freedom of expression, the ceremonial process and the final one-of-a-kind result – that is what truly fascinates me about this alternative photography process and that is what I want to share with the viewer.”