CONTACT x Julia Howe


Contact is a platform based in London. It’s a young platform already getting recognized for working with the likes of Art School, Marques Almeida, Burberry, King Kong Mag, and other collaborations with brands such as Nike and Ellesse.
Contact is disrupting the industry by dropping the idea of tradition: it empowers a diverse range of models that don’t always fit the mold and works with a tech-based concept that makes the industry more transparent for the models. The models can be more in control of the casting process via an App and have much more direct links with the client. It allows the agency to drop casting structures and hierarchies that belong in the past, striving to become more of an online community and virtual creative space.

Contact reflects how the industry is making moves to up-lift, mirroring what they feel is evolving, aiming for models to feel accepted and celebrated in a post-social media modeling world. Contact focuses not just on the model ‘look’, but looks for talent and individuality, working with many models who are also artists, musicians, tattooists, dancers.
In changing the shape of how models are supported and protected, Contact aims to see an industry that treats models with more respect, and more individuality, while leaving behind outdated and damaging stereotypes of an industry that should revolve around creativity and freedom.