Freddy Krave was born in Transylvania in 1992. Growing up, he developed a passion for photography and the human body, so he started to create erotic art at the age of 18. Now he lives in Italy, and you can find his works on Instagram @mrfreddykrave and if you want to see his uncensored art you can get his “King’s Pass” ( and get access to his private website.

When did your interest in erotica begin? How did you decide that’s what you wanted to photograph? 

I’ve started to create erotic art after my 18th birthday. I always had a deep love for the human body, and I always found it fascinating. When I took my first explicit self-portraits, I felt free and powerful, I was starting to love my body, and I realized that our uniqueness makes us special. It was the best feeling ever, so I decided to focus my entire art on erotism and let my creativity do the rest.

How do you pick your models? Do you usually work with people you know or with strangers?

Every time I see people that inspire me, I contact them; if they like my work and share the same passion I have for the naked body, we choose a date, we meet, and we shoot. 

Is it easier to photograph yourself or other people? What are the pros and cons?

Today I would say it’s easier to photograph myself because in 10 years, I learned a lot about myself. I know how to model, I know my angles, I’m not afraid to show emotions, and it’s literally a routine right now. But I’m gonna say that if you never do self-portraits, it’s way easier to photograph other people, cuz you just have to focus on them and capture their essence and soul without dealing with your own insecurities. I would deeply recommend taking self-portraits too if you’re a photographer; it helps a lot. It’s therapeutic, so you get to learn a lot about who you are, and at the same time, you get to experience what your models feel when they’re in front of the camera. I really think self-portraits are very important; they make you grow a lot as an artist and as a person.

You are also interested in horror. Do you feel it contributes some way to your inspiration and ideas? 

Oh yeah I’m a horror geek. I watch horror movies everyday so I’m heavily inspired by them. Sometimes I just use some references or props, even if the photoshoot it’s not horror themed, I just like to add that passion I have for horror in my pics. Also, mixing erotica with horror gives me life tbh.

What’s your favorite camera?

I don’t have a favorite camera. I love my Canon but one day I might fall in love with a Sony. Who knows?! I really don’t care about the brand. If the camera’s cool, I’m gonna buy it.

What are you working on right now?

These days I’m focusing on my private website. I photograph new people, I take new self-portraits, and I post all my explicit art on there. As an artist, I wanted to stop working for other people, and I wanted to create my own business. I’m done with stressing out and deadlines. I just wanna create and share my art with whoever wants to support what I do.