“2020 has been a mess in many ways, but like many of us it also gave us time to charge up some ideas and bring them to life once the lockdown was lifted. This year I finessed the image and branding of my hairdressing business after ten years of working in salons I wanted to celebrate a decade of hairdressing in my own style and I brought together a very talented team to make it happen. Bringing together models that have embraced being different is something important and raw to my own journey in this industry, having strong features the main agencies loved – then being in a road accident in the middle of being signed, I was put to the side and found my self in a battle to find the right agency that still saw my potential and see my facial scarring as a feature not a flaw. This is my journey – now I wanted to motivate and project theirs.
This is bravado. The ones that rise no matter what. The ones that went against the grain.”

-Connor Calder

Photographer: Gabby Step @bygsx
Fashion Stylist: Callum Smith @callumsmitth
Hair stylist: Connor Calder @connorsirlondon
Makeup artist: Shemaiah Gold
Videographer: @dhrama_
Coordinator: Karolina Sek @karolina_sek
Hair assistant: Karolina Lapsyte @karolina_lapsyte