Wagner Vittoria

We had a small interview with Wagner Vittoria, famous gay porn star from Brazil, who lives now in Italy. You might know him from one of his hot movies, and now you can follow him on his onlyfans account.

How do you feel the porn industry has changed in the past few years?

it has changed a lot,  many gays are trying to be part of this world, there are a lot of web sites with free scenes, the producers lose money and automatically the actors too.

What’s your ideal type of man?

Around 35 y.o not less, a bear with a hairy chest and also romantic.

What do you think you would be if you weren’t a porn star?

I did a personal trainer course, so I think I would be working on that, I do that now when I’m in Rome.

Do you watch a lot of porn in your personal life? What’s your favorite porn movie?

After 103 movies , I prefer to use my mind when im horny lol

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like to stay in my bed and watch movies , not porn for sure.

What are your plans for the near future?

I have really nice news for the next year , but i can’t reveal them at the moment.