Portrait – a film by Michael Demetrius

“Our film is going to screen at the 11th  Athens Video Dance Project. The main theme of my concept is to document the free expression of dance and movement within the urban environment. The film was made after the 1st corona wave in Athens, Greece, a time when we felt that it was vital to connect with each other and with our city. My idea was to reflect lightness in the midst of despair and to show that we still have wings and dreams to fly with.”

Portrait – a film by Michael Demetrius – Official link from Michael Demetrius on Vimeo.

Michael Demetrius was born in 1989. Holding a dual US Greek nationality, he also has roots in South Africa and Asia Minor. A true citizen of the world, as a film director, Michael has a multicultural perspective, tempered by the experience of living through the socio-economic crisis in one of its epicenters, Athens.

Through his work, Michael interconnects and links views, fears and hopes of the human soul He is dedicated to the development and production of films, documentaries and TV series with a strong artistic gaze, addressing audiences worldwide His films have been invited to many international festivals.

Michael also creates other audiovisual productions, such as commercials, corporate and music videos. His work is always highly professional, within budget and on time. Michael was assistant professor to Ana Sanz Magallon at the Mediterranean Film Institute (MFI) in 2020 for script and project development.

Portrait of Gianangelos Apostolidis

Film Director: Michael Demetrius


Dancer/Talent:  Gianangelos Apostolidis


Editing: Stavros Symeonidis


Design: Sophie Papachristou