Stephanie Van Burk x Vasilina Alamani: A quarantine editorial

Stephanie Van Burk is an international fashion model, fashion designer and activist from Geneva, Switzerland, looking to empower human diversity
through art with a focus on fashion. She displays all the different aspects of her
life, her feelings, her torments, her sensual sides through photography, painting
and fashion. Stephanie is currently living in Los Angeles.

Vasilina Alamani is an editor & social anthropologist, interested in studies of
gender and how they are expressed through makeup and fashion. She’s a self
taught makeup artist & amateur photographer. She is currently living in Greece.
They contacted each other for the first time for an interview Vasilina did about
Stephanie, for DRECK Magazine. Their mutual love of color & respect of the
other’s work created an artistic connection between the 2 of them & was the
motive that opened the road for future collaboration.

Unfortunately, both the USA and Greece were strictly locked down due to the
COVID-19 pandemic. So, Stephanie had the idea to do a photoshoot with
Vasilina through the CLOS App, an app that allows a model & a photographer
to shoot remotely.

Vasilina: “I had to walk Stephanie through the makeup look we decided to
create via video call, as she had to put it on herself. I didn’t want to make it look
all professional. I prefered a look that a child could do by playing with the
primary colors of blue & red. A little abstract, but also still fashionable. We had
a great time shooting. The hours passed by with us not even noticing. We had a
great chemistry, although there were some technical difficulties we had to

Stephanie: “What truly inspires me when I paint with all these vibrant colors is
my inner child. I wish that the world would be filled with colors & happiness,
and I’m just trying to brighten it up by making my jackets. People crave for a
colorful place to go to. I am trying to create this place for them, to keep their
inner child alive. Art heals many wounds, and so does color.”

Like the artistic mind that she is, during the shoot Stephanie thought to paint
live the white t-shirt she was going to wear. We decided to paint the initials of
our names with the message “WEAR YOUR TRUE COLOURS”, as this was
something that brought us together in the first place. It was a lovely process & it
was like the signature of our coming together for this collaboration.

Model: Stephanie Van Burk
Photographer: Vasilina Alamani
Makeup: Vasilina Alamani
Vegan leather Jackets by Stephanie Van Burk

Vasilina Alamani:
Stephanie Van Burk: