Recreation [DACHA]

By Viktoriia Tymonova

1. Recreation

Recreation project is about conflicts and succession of generations. Through the usual summer leisure I talk about the traumatic relationship between parents and children in a post-soviet society in Ukraine. This project consists of two zines, one of them is about recreation of parents, the other is about recreation of their children.

2. Dacha 

We went to the dacha to have a real rest: clean air, smell of grass and fried food.

We wanted to open the summer season in a very adult way, so that by the end of August it could be closed, while looking at the Perseids, feeling the autumn chill on our heels. What’s that all about? It’s not entirely clear. Perhaps it is about the conflict of generations, or perhaps about meticulous succession. It’s unwanted, though. But what can I do? In fact, it’s all about us: dancing while listening to Ruki Vverh!, the best combination of beer and a summer evening, again, a chill on our heels.

The dacha is a beautiful place and one full of nostalgia: interesting findings and a sad sigh for all that has passed. I don’t know whose sighs are those, because we’re not a part of it. But something akin can be felt in it. I think it’s about the unrecognisable.

Speaking in general, just relax and listen to the birds. Have arguments: was it a turtledove or a cuckoo? Show me the marsh warbler. Oh, those children of the City. You need to teach them everything.