Raquel Luna shoots a diary

Raquel Luna is a photographer and creator of audiovisual content living in Madrid. She shoots content of her daily life, fashion, and documentary photos. She believes there are many things left to be told to the world and hopes to do that in a beautiful way with her camera.

How is your daily life reflected in your work? How does your work affect your daily life?

Sometimes my photos are a personal diary, when I don’t have the camera I do not feel full, there is always something to take pictures of. My work is a valuable tool, sometimes it can be a key to meeting new people and to knowing new places.

Where do you usually get inspiration from?

What inspires me are movies, photographers of my circle, and nearby people, I love seeing people grow at a professional level and make me trust and have the inspiration to create new projects.

How do you think your work has changed over time? Have the past 2 years affected you?

I think I’ve been forming a style without realizing it, and it keeps changing in the same way as I do.

These last few years have been rare, I think that thanks to this I have focused more on using as much time as possible when doing new things.

How important is art in shaping society?

Art is what moves us, and fostering it from a young age is the best way for it to flow in each one of us.

What advice would you give to yourself as a kid?

I’d tell myself to make the most of my time and not want to grow up so fast.

What are you working on at the moment? What are your future goals?

I am in the logistics of photography at an educational center. Apart from that, I am working on several personal projects. I would love to work doing projects and manage to make a living from my work.

IG: @raquel__luna