Yulia Yefimtchuk uses Soviet-era visuals to alter perception

YULIA YEFIMTCHUK is an independent, unconventional fashion brand of conceptual womenswear and unisex clothes with a strong cut, and minimalistic elements of uniform and workwear. The Kiev-based brand draws inspiration from the Soviet Union’s nostalgia of the 1920-1980 years, uses the Cyrillic alphabet as an interpretation of Soviet posters and slogans.

[All images from SS 22 collection]

Your designs are described as womenswear but there is a lot of unisex designs. Do you believe unisex fashion is the future? How did you choose to design beyond gender?

I have been producing agender clothes in my collections for a long time; even when everyone did not understand what I was talking about, also buyers were not particularly interested in this in comparison with today. I don’t say much about this: that my brand is agender clothing; many clients choose what they need. Yes, I believe that unisex style will dominate in the nearest future.

I personally really like guys in skirts (for example) it always looks very stylish for me, so I decided that most of the clothes I make will be worn by women and men.

You believe that fashion can shape social norms. What would you like to see fashion more socially involved in?

For me, fashion has always demonstrated and formed social norms and will continue to do so even if everyone walks in uniform.

It seems to me that with the advent of such a large number of mass markets, fashion has become even more social.

How about the Soviet influences in your work? How did you decide to incorporate this style into your designs?

I really like the art of the Soviet period, especially the poster graphics of Oleksandr Rodchenko. I decided to interpret these aesthetics into modern clothes. And every time I discover new artists in this niche. Not everyone likes these aesthetics, and many do not understand it; this is the uniqueness of what I do.

Who do you envision wearing your designs? Who do you design for?

I make clothes for every person, I have no attachment to some special people and distinguish them, often I do not know who buys my clothes, I do not invent my ideal client for me, this is a strange approach to the business of clothes. For me, everyone is equal.

Would you consider your fashion within an exhibition? An art and design concept? What other concepts do you see for Yulia Yefimtchuk?

The brand’s clothing was presented several times at exhibitions in galleries and museums. For me, clothes are a form of art, I always say this and strive for this, and so far, this is the only strong concept and desire to make collections closer to art.

What should we expect from you next with your upcoming collections?

In the future, I plan to make collections completely agender. Find new utilitarian forms. Make the brand more unique.


IG: @yuliayefimtchuk