Park Jungwoo embraces the shadows and beauty of ordinary moments

Park Jungwoo is a photographer who loves shadow over light, finds inspiration in punk music and observing daily life and feels drawn to the brilliant beauty of ordinary moments. It is no surprise his work is a feast of colors and shapes. Plus we are already in love with his upcoming project on disappearing Korean stationery stores.

You have very distinct and strong aesthetics in your work. What do you believe shaped them?

It’s great documentary photos (magnum photos, Life), great movies, and observation and exploration in everyday life. One more thing. My first inspiration was punk music 🙂 that’s my soul. I was a punk band guitarist. (

What kind of a person or landscape or scene do you usually feel drawn to photograph?

It is often the most common and most ordinary moment’s, when brilliant beauty can be seen.

How significant is light and shadow in your work?

In fact, light is a really important factor in pictures.But I’m more interested in shadows. A good shadow…It makes more beautiful pictures.

Which camera could you not live without?

Minoltatc-1 is the best camera I’ve ever met.

What would you never agree to photograph and why?

Taking pictures of poor people or suffering people without thinking and without any purpose.

What are you working on at the moment? Any personal project you have in mind?

I’m currently working as a freelance photographer, and I have about 10 future project plans. 🙂 One is a local stationery store project. Small stationery stores are disappearing in Korea because of large marts and Internet markets. In Korea, stationery stores used to be a small kingdom of children in the neighborhood, but there’s no one there anymore. I’m going to take pictures of disappearing stationery stores one by one. Of course, also of the people there.

Instagram: @xxjwpx