Liang Hong explores humans within their environment

Liang Hong is a Chinese photographer interested in exploring the relationship between people and the environment surrounding them bringing light changes and unexpected weather conditions into his photographs.

Do you remember the first photograph you took and really liked?

In 2016, I took a Fuji x100t to France for a trip just before I was ready to be a freelance photographer. I photographed an old man looking at the sea at Nice beach. I recorded it. I like this picture very much until now.

What kind of themes do you like to explore in your work?

I prefer to explore the relationship between people and the environment. So, people live in a busy city, or people live a quiet country life. I like to shoot the characters in the most current state with the place.

The color red is often prominent in your work. What does this color symbolize for you?

Red is a very attractive color in my eyes. Its active emotion will enhance the visual sense of the photo. Red is more mysterious to me than black.

As a photographer today, what kind of difficulties would you say artists face?

In April this year, I made a digital synthesis of photos combined with C4D. The fashion model photographed with the camera stood in the virtual scene. I love this work very much. At the same time, I also have anxiety in the production process, because the C4D virtual scene is so powerful that I think the virtualization products have a great impact on photography. The problems encountered in photography optics can be solved in three-dimensional software. I think future artists will face the influence of new forms of artistic creation. People can see more creative visual works through mobile phones, three-dimensional screens and so on.

Do you prefer shooting indoors or outdoors and why?

I love sunshine, I love nature, I love the light changes and unexpected weather conditions encountered when shooting outdoors. These are accidental factors in photo works, full of changes.

What would be your dream project to work on?

I hope I can have a bunch of fashion photography works, which are taken from the perspective of my vision and represent the regional culture, lifestyle, natural scenery and national tradition where I live.

Instagram: @hongliang_cdc