The Voice of the Cicada

by Vassilis Vasileiou

The “Voice of the Cicada” is an ongoing project about the slow power of the mundane. The constructed spaces, the human-induced alterations on the natural environment, as well as the objects that we use in our day-to-day activities, affect us in a more impactful way than we believe they do. Going beyond the achievement of mere comfort or wellness, these material parameters of our daily existence affect or even generate emotions and feelings, effectively setting up both the important as well as the trivial details of the stage on which we humans play our part. This circle of influence shapes our behavior, as we are engaged in a continuous pursuit of the ideal living conditions and, eventually, a state of happiness. The project deals with these little human daily rituals and the construction of comfort zones in the everlasting human effort to control the complexity and unpredictability of everyday life.