LomoApparat Chiyoda Edition

Meet the NEW LomoApparat Chiyoda edition – a breath of fresh, cream-colored air, just in time for summer. With its wide-angle lens and leather exterior, it’s ready to capture all the colorful moments this season and beyond. Named for the historical district of Tokyo, Japan, which our Lomography+ team calls home, with its 21 mm wide-angle lens, three lens attachments and exciting experimental features, it will help anyone’s creativity bloom. Photographers of all abilities and experience levels can enjoy shooting with this compact camera and get unique and authentically analogue images on 35 mm film.


DZHUS is a Ukrainian conceptual brand internationally known for its multi-purpose outfits, made of cruelty-free materials. Designer Irina Dzhus’ pattern-making innovations help minimise physical shopping and create a versatile yet sustainable wardrobe from a few transformable garments. Since the war began, DZHUS has relocated to the EU and has been donating 30% of its profit to Ukrainian animal rights organisations and the servicemen.

Twee emmertjes water halen

During the shoot I kept refering to this story as “Twee emmertjes water halen”. This is the name of a traditional Dutch childrens song, dating back to the 19th century. The title translates to “fetching 2 buckets of water”. Getting water at the villages pump was a task for women back then. Their children would sing this little song and dance around the pumps and play games. The song is still being used for games nowadays.” -by Naomi Philips

TKH exploring urbanities

Macau-born TKH (Kuok Hou Tang) is a photographer with a BA in sociology. Tang is the founder of the Macau photo collective – “Dialect”. He takes on themes such as the city, time, memory and local culture and explores them through the man-made landscape, the interconnection among urbanites, landscapes and human existence versus Nature.

Shen Wei shoots self-reflection

Shen Wei is a Chinese-born American artist based in New York City. He is known for his intimate portraits of others and himself, as well as his poetic landscapes and still-life photography.  His work has been exhibited internationally and featured in some of the biggest magazines in the world. His work embraces the Chinese philosophy of Qi, traditional Chinese paintings, nature, self-reflection, and moments of daily life.

Homoanarchy at Athens Art Book Fair

“The homoanarchy zine is an idea that started in the summer of 2021. I used my computer as a digital camera and started taking photos (screenshots) of live sex cam models.  I produced text images,  dismembered, or distorted bodies with an erotic-fetishist dimension in a revolution against society. I was inspired by the surrealist movement and the photographer André Kertész.”

Should We Watch Something?

One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been the acceleration of many new relationships. One of those was between my roommates Eyal and Sam, who had just started dating a few weeks before the Covid-19 outbreak — a relationship that might have remained casual but blossomed into a 24/7 love affair when Sam moved into our Ridgewood apartment at the beginning of the quarantine.

Igloos in the sun

Photography + Creative Direction: Agatha Snow @agatha__snowTalent: Raphila @raphilabrank @rebelrebeltalent + Samara @samara.elyse_official@emergemodelsWardrobe: Dress Up @dress_up_clothing Eluera Markings Jewellery @eleuramarkingsHighrack … More