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GRANDmothers – a project by Anna Radchenko

GRANDmothers continues Anna Radchenko’s body of work encouraging us to ask: “What if?” The project plays with the idea that we will eventually be able to have children later in life, to the extent where even as grandparents we will have the choice to become pregnant. Composed of a set of photographs and a short film, GRANDmothers stands as a humorous visual commentary on society’s pressure to become a mother by a certain age in order to still be considered valuable.

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SWEAT // ΔΤ premiere

The movie S W E A T premieres this Sunday 27/9, 19:30 as part of the competitive category “Greek Short Stories” at Nyxtes Premieras.
Vera Hotzoglou (Rausch 2018, Munich almost killed me 1⁄2 2017) trailing the footsteps of club kids Reject and Dj Fro, films the narrative of the two protagonists alongside their different personas during a rave.

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Irene Montemurro Wants To Open Up: A Conversation

By Jasmine ledesma
Irene Montemurro has the internet presence of a spider. Unfathomable, concealed and secretive. Her privacy is a hardened fruit kept in a plush, locked box. Her art is a delicate, beautiful web she has spun for us to see. Viewing her art, which ranges from drooly, blushing pencil drawings of cherries and strap on shoes, to sleek, black and white oceans of hair is like watching fish behind a wall of glass. All you can do is look. There is something almost royal about it