Homoanarchy at Athens Art Book Fair

“The homoanarchy zine is an idea that started in the summer of 2021. I used my computer as a digital camera and started taking photos (screenshots) of live sex cam models.  I produced text images,  dismembered, or distorted bodies with an erotic-fetishist dimension in a revolution against society. I was inspired by the surrealist movement and the photographer André Kertész.”

Should We Watch Something?

One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been the acceleration of many new relationships. One of those was between my roommates Eyal and Sam, who had just started dating a few weeks before the Covid-19 outbreak — a relationship that might have remained casual but blossomed into a 24/7 love affair when Sam moved into our Ridgewood apartment at the beginning of the quarantine.

Igloos in the sun

Photography + Creative Direction: Agatha Snow @agatha__snowTalent: Raphila @raphilabrank @rebelrebeltalent + Samara @samara.elyse_official@emergemodelsWardrobe: Dress Up @dress_up_clothing Eluera Markings Jewellery @eleuramarkingsHighrack … More

DRECK Magazine: NEW AGE issue

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The Voice of the Cicada

by Vassilis Vasileiou
The “Voice of the Cicada” is an ongoing project about the slow power of the mundane. The constructed spaces, the human-induced alterations on the natural environment, as well as the objects that we use in our day-to-day activities, affect us in a more impactful way than we believe they do.

Slava Mogutin’s Polaroid Rage

A Polaroid is a unique photographic document. Each one is a material fact describing what the artist found interesting and beautiful to record. The use to which Slava Mogutin puts the instrument is to document his queer friends—artists, models, porn stars, art world luminaries and people he encountered at Fire Island and Riis Beach.

The subjects share a common thread. They are often gender transgressive—many, as he describes them, are “people on the fringes of society, marginalized lives and souls that don’t have objective representation in contemporary culture.

Moonchild by Cécile André

““Moonchild” is a hymn to freedom. To the right to be different. It is also an encounter with Reine, a young woman full of life and positive energy, who has chosen to play on her uniqueness. Reine has albinism and she makes her a real strength. In my photographic work, I try to show a diversity of bodies. This series is a reflection of this commitment. It is also a way to express my feminist beliefs.”

Bran Sólo paints contemporary melancholy

Bran Sólo is exploring the relationship between science and art, which he regards as part of him. Meanwhile, in his Mediterranean colored paintings he is interested in the graphic study of other subjects such as masculinity within a new feminist reality and consciousness, where a man can be a man on his own terms.

Feng Jiang recreates the 90s using desires and fantasies

Feng Jiang is a Chinese born photographer working and living in Canada. His work grows as he does like extended self-portraits that reflect desires, ideologies, fantasies and brain waves from different stages of his life. FInd out how expeirences, stimulations, and particularly the 90s reflect in his work.

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YMMOT-Tommy Wan mixing gender fluid elements in blue tones

Men’s fashion is changing and Tommy Wan is one of the new trend setting designers to confirm that. Mixing gender fluid elements, highlighted by blue tones he creates distinctive menswear that turn long-established clothing into modern fashion.