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YMMOT-Tommy Wan mixing gender fluid elements in blue tones

Men’s fashion is changing and Tommy Wan is one of the new trend setting designers to confirm that. Mixing gender fluid elements, highlighted by blue tones he creates distinctive menswear that turn long-established clothing into modern fashion.

Evil Twin

By Xiaofu Wang
It’s late.
The flowers have wilted a little in their vases.
Scattered around are remnants of a celebration:
empty glasses litter the bar, there’s cream from a
half-finished piece of cake smeared on the table.
Everyone else has gone home.
It’s the moment when boundaries begin to blur,
identities start to merge, and the evil twin
subsumes the good one.


Through the architectural form of the fabrics, it is no longer the clothing that conforms to the person but the person to the clothing. As a result, they lose the original relation to their environment and take on sculptural features that restrict the desire for space and expanse. The resulting sculptures thus develop a new dynamic in relation to their natural and physical environment.

Hands behind your back

The editorial which was shot in Barbican explores the ideas of “connection-disconnection” through fashion with emphasis to Post-Soviet aesthetics and their connection with western influences and how it ‘Disconnects’ from the Post-Soviet past.

The Renoir Room

Shot at The Butlers Hotel in the title’s room name “The Renoir Name,” this editorial by Ev Louisa is inspired by the impressionist artist Renoir, and interprets the the movement and color famous in his paintings through a fashion lens.

Yulia Yefimtchuk uses Soviet-era visuals to alter perception

YULIA YEFIMTCHUK is an independent, unconventional fashion brand of conceptual womenswear and unisex clothes with a strong cut, and minimalistic elements of uniform and workwear. The Kiev-based brand draws inspiration from the Soviet Union’s nostalgia of the 1920-1980 years, uses the Cyrillic alphabet as an interpretation of Soviet posters and slogans.

DRECK Magazine: UTOPIA issue

Utopia issue Fall 2021 is available to purchase in print and in digital format as part of an annual subscription. Follow the link to our webshop to experience Utopia.