Homoanarchy at Athens Art Book Fair

“The homoanarchy zine is an idea that started in the summer of 2021. I used my computer as a digital camera and started taking photos (screenshots) of live sex cam models.  I produced text images,  dismembered, or distorted bodies with an erotic-fetishist dimension in a revolution against society. I was inspired by the surrealist movement and the photographer André Kertész.”

Should We Watch Something?

One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been the acceleration of many new relationships. One of those was between my roommates Eyal and Sam, who had just started dating a few weeks before the Covid-19 outbreak — a relationship that might have remained casual but blossomed into a 24/7 love affair when Sam moved into our Ridgewood apartment at the beginning of the quarantine.

Bran Sólo paints contemporary melancholy

Bran Sólo is exploring the relationship between science and art, which he regards as part of him. Meanwhile, in his Mediterranean colored paintings he is interested in the graphic study of other subjects such as masculinity within a new feminist reality and consciousness, where a man can be a man on his own terms.

Feng Jiang recreates the 90s using desires and fantasies

Feng Jiang is a Chinese born photographer working and living in Canada. His work grows as he does like extended self-portraits that reflect desires, ideologies, fantasies and brain waves from different stages of his life. FInd out how expeirences, stimulations, and particularly the 90s reflect in his work.

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Fousti Lame’s Midnight Dinner

In their work Midnight Dinner, Fousti Lame employs their experiences and memories to question the heteronormative matrix and the use of gender specific words.

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Myles Loftin photographs black experience, identity, and representation

Myles Loftin is a freelance photographer exploring themes such as the black experience, identity and representation of marginalized individuals, being fully aware of the power images hold and the change they can effect.

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George Kanis about his project DTS and ecstasy in his work

George Kanis talks about his nude portraits of the people of the subculture scene of Athens and his raw, brutal art style emphasising primal feelings as he proudly explores questions of gender, class and sometimes race in Greek society.