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A Faggot’s Destiny

By Helias Doulis
“We’ve learned to live behind the darkest blinds, in the temple of an expelled sexuality, thinking that we’re alone and not unique. They’ve hidden us from seeing and being seen, through a heteronormative light that commands what is true, yet not just a habit. We poured ourselves into the woods to smell each other’s unprecedented lustful eyes, being taught steps of non-lived adolescence. Until we’re left alone again, now concealed from the life that awaited for us, digging for change in our family business’s pocket to watch the shameless lives of others.”

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GRANDmothers – a project by Anna Radchenko

GRANDmothers continues Anna Radchenko’s body of work encouraging us to ask: “What if?” The project plays with the idea that we will eventually be able to have children later in life, to the extent where even as grandparents we will have the choice to become pregnant. Composed of a set of photographs and a short film, GRANDmothers stands as a humorous visual commentary on society’s pressure to become a mother by a certain age in order to still be considered valuable.

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Myles Loftin is a twenty-year-old freelance photographer whose vibrant colorful work spans from portraiture to fashion photography while exploring themes such as the black experience, identity, and representation of marginalized individuals. Myles recognizes the power that images hold in our society and seeks to use that power for positive change. Art is an important part of his life and, as an artist of color, he works to inspire other artists of color to pursue successful careers in the creative industry.