Should We Watch Something?

One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been the acceleration of many new relationships. One of those was between my roommates Eyal and Sam, who had just started dating a few weeks before the Covid-19 outbreak — a relationship that might have remained casual but blossomed into a 24/7 love affair when Sam moved into our Ridgewood apartment at the beginning of the quarantine.

Igloos in the sun

Photography + Creative Direction: Agatha Snow @agatha__snowTalent: Raphila @raphilabrank @rebelrebeltalent + Samara @samara.elyse_official@emergemodelsWardrobe: Dress Up @dress_up_clothing Eluera Markings Jewellery @eleuramarkingsHighrack … More

Feng Jiang recreates the 90s using desires and fantasies

Feng Jiang is a Chinese born photographer working and living in Canada. His work grows as he does like extended self-portraits that reflect desires, ideologies, fantasies and brain waves from different stages of his life. FInd out how expeirences, stimulations, and particularly the 90s reflect in his work.

Evil Twin

By Xiaofu Wang
It’s late.
The flowers have wilted a little in their vases.
Scattered around are remnants of a celebration:
empty glasses litter the bar, there’s cream from a
half-finished piece of cake smeared on the table.
Everyone else has gone home.
It’s the moment when boundaries begin to blur,
identities start to merge, and the evil twin
subsumes the good one.

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Lauren Tugwell’s tangible photographs

Lauren Tugwell’s images focus on various subjects and her distinct vision. Her original style is tangible; her images are strong, beautiful and cinematic.