Evil Twin

By Xiaofu Wang
It’s late.
The flowers have wilted a little in their vases.
Scattered around are remnants of a celebration:
empty glasses litter the bar, there’s cream from a
half-finished piece of cake smeared on the table.
Everyone else has gone home.
It’s the moment when boundaries begin to blur,
identities start to merge, and the evil twin
subsumes the good one.

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Lauren Tugwell’s tangible photographs

Lauren Tugwell’s images focus on various subjects and her distinct vision. Her original style is tangible; her images are strong, beautiful and cinematic.

YongQing Li shoots fashion to embrace adventure

YongQing Li is a China-born photographer, currently living and working in Milano. She is currently focusing on fashion photography trying to blend cultures and inspire people to a more positive mindset.

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Raquel Xallas explores perceptions of beauty

Raquel Xallas is a photographer, video artist and self-proclaimed Drama Queen who is shooting to explore perceptions of beauty. Fascinated by all that glitters, she uses shiny things to bring this magic into her work.

I’m dreaming

Harrison Grant shoots an escapism dream featuring @nesstleceral in Lorena Pipenco.

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Rodrigo Oliveira photographs the queer BIPOC community of Rio

Rodrigo Oliveira is a portrait photographer based in Rio de Janeiro. His photographs empower a minority within minority group often marginalised, aiming to deconstruct the misrepresentation of queer bodies in the media through the expression of queer culture, gender-bending identities and social resistance.  

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Utopian Garden

Sinsing Chow recreates utopia for our sold out Beautiful issue.

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Myles Loftin photographs black experience, identity, and representation

Myles Loftin is a freelance photographer exploring themes such as the black experience, identity and representation of marginalized individuals, being fully aware of the power images hold and the change they can effect.