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Portrait – a film by Michael Demetrius

“Our film is going to screen at the 11th Athens Video Dance Project. The main theme of my concept is to document the free expression of dance and movement within the urban environment. The film was made after the 1st corona wave in Athens, Greece, a time when we felt that it was vital to connect with each other and with our city. My idea was to reflect lightness in the midst of despair and to show that we still have wings and dreams to fly with.”

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Dealing with trauma

Matte Refic is not your everyday kind of multimedia artist, he stands out because of his passion working on sensitive and taboo topics and teaching art to prisoners. His job is a particularly challenging one, yet extremly rewarding, having influenced him as a person on multiple levels. We were lucky enough to get an interview with him and give a glance at the insides of his world.