The Voice of the Cicada

by Vassilis Vasileiou
The “Voice of the Cicada” is an ongoing project about the slow power of the mundane. The constructed spaces, the human-induced alterations on the natural environment, as well as the objects that we use in our day-to-day activities, affect us in a more impactful way than we believe they do.

Hands behind your back

The editorial which was shot in Barbican explores the ideas of “connection-disconnection” through fashion with emphasis to Post-Soviet aesthetics and their connection with western influences and how it ‘Disconnects’ from the Post-Soviet past.

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7 cake designers whose bakes are too gorgeous to eat

Who doesn’t love cakes! Even I love cakes, although I can barely eat them because of my tons of allergies. However, recently, I discovered that cakes truly are a pleasure to all senses, particularly visionand this list will prove it.

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Jewelry designer Tessa Metcalfe on rings, pigeons, and craftmanship

Londoner jewellery designer, Tessa Metcalfe, is all about finding beauty in the gutter. Extremely talented in bringing dreams and fairy tales to life in the form of mostly rings, she has always been fascinated with pigeons, traditional craftsmanship, and over ornate aesthetic, all three of which she combines into precious tiny works of art.

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Porcelainette real-life doll redefining beautiful

Magical real-life art doll Porcelainette opens up about beauty, reinventing herself as a doll, and her future dreams.

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8 of the most memorable music album covers

From historic moments in pop culture to today’s Millennial/Gen Z’s favorites, here are 8 examples of album cover art that managed to stay in our minds, each one for a different reason and in their own special way.

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7 of the most trendsetting sneakers

All shoes are shoes, and you might not want to waste your entire fortune on shoes, but sneakers are different, and you really have a soft spot for them, so you might have a dozen, but you still need more. These are 7 of the coolest sneakers you can find in the market these days.

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George Griefy’s Ultimate Guide To Minimalist Photography

If you are interested in minimalist photography and you want to express your vision through images defined by open space, clear lines, pared-down color palettes, graphic compositions, and simple beauty, keep reading as we had a chance to sit down with George Griefy, a leading minimalist photographer, who is willing to share some helpful tips with our readers.