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Boys don’t cry

By Spyros Droussiotis Photographer: Spyros Droussiotis Production Coordinator: Eva Mikelatou Stylist: Camix Pailler MUA and Hair: Sabina Pinsone Photographers assistant: Thalia Paraskeva Location: Agora Collective (Berlin) Models: Jacob Grin, Frederik Lovric, Ariel Martin, Moritz Gustavson, Ryo Koike Designers: Lani Lees, Hermione Flynn, Yulia Kjellsson, Fomme, Verena Schepperheyn, Vava Dudu

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PRIMAVERA by Flore de Sermet PRIMAVERA explores sexuality from a classical beauty of the Renaissance to a sexual beauty from today. It applies some feminine sexual norms on guys and works on the concept of fantasies to try to create desire, especially desire to see what happens under the clothes. It celebrates the body and […]

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Heroin®Kids // KAISERENGEL®

IGNORANT FASHION – Heroin®Kids & KAISERENGEL®, a Berlin based fashion  brand celebrates rebellion, party lifestyle and reflects the grace of  decay. Inspired by 90s-Grunge, illegal-Rave-Partys, by Berlins  Latex-Fetish-Bdsm-techno-scene and punk attitude – Corinna Engel &  Christian Kaiser create a nihilistic vision of beauty and fragility, a  dangerous beauty, and a rebellious immoral grace… the grace […]

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