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Baltic Moon

By Demetrius Lakakis aka. LITTLE RASCAL A seaside town on the Baltic coast As long as the sun is shining, the streets are filled with people. Be it lounging on the beach, or taking a stroll along the pier, they’re all enjoying some well-earned time-out. This scene is familiar to us all, and leaves no surprises. […]

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By Fábio Miguel Roque “Imagine that you are a photographer, an artist… Imagine that you go through a year that completely changes your way of looking at life itself. Imagine that you go to the South for a period of time, reading Henry Miller and taking pictures… The result is this project.”

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BY MARIA TODOROVA. PHOTOGRAPHY // MIHAIL NOVAKOV DESIGN // MARIA TODOROVA MUA // NADYA SIVKOVA MODEL // MIGO GAO “As a part of my second year I had to design a piece of clothing under the theme “FREAKS & ICONS”. This design became an inspiration and a main feature for a photo shoot which I […]

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