AN INTERVIEW. You have a very specific sense of aesthetics. What influences have shaped you? That's an interesting question because I feel like every time I answer it I don't know what to say. Sometimes I feel like I do have an aesthetic and then sometimes I feel like it all fades away. When I … Continue reading DEREK WOODS.


AN INTERVIEW. Why do you choose to photograph with polaroids? I choose to shoot with Polaroids for various reasons ... I love polaroids and collect them. I like Polaroid cameras in particular the sx-70 and slr680. I love the colors and the black and white, it gives the photos a vintage look, very appealing. Also … Continue reading BRUNCH EROTICO.


AN INTERVIEW. How did it all start with photography for you? At a very early age news and newspapers and incredibly powerful images of the darker side of humanity. I tended then and still do, to visualise everything in my head. So either stark McCullin reality photos or dirty sexual pics in retro porn magazines … Continue reading HEADCLEANER.