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I Want to Eat You Up

By Raisa Desypri Gynophagia: The metaphorical consumption of the female, from eating pussy to eating junk-food and back. I wanna know what you taste like.  Let’s talk about food or, even better, let’s talk about sex. These are, probably, the world’s two favourite topics of conversation. Their connection is such that when talking about food […]

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Girls, girls, girls.

When it comes to shooting girls, there are few photographers who can measure up to the incredibly talented Dafy Hagai. The young Israeli photographer and director is interested in things that go beyond just beautiful. Girlhood in her pictures depicts girls growing up, learning about their bodies, ownership, sexuality. Girls being girls. Here are some […]

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BY LUNA DYKSTRA-SANTOS A little while ago, as I was peeing in the public bathroom at school, I noticed someone had written something on the door of the stall. There, in black sharpie, you could read “I HEART DICK”. Underneath it, someone had replied “We all do”. I decided to take part in this conversation […]

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