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Baltic Moon

By Demetrius Lakakis aka. LITTLE RASCAL A seaside town on the Baltic coast As long as the sun is shining, the streets are filled with people. Be it lounging on the beach, or taking a stroll along the pier, they’re all enjoying some well-earned time-out. This scene is familiar to us all, and leaves no surprises. […]

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Iulka x Gonzalo De Bonis Art director, Photography & Edit: Gonzalo De Bonis Model: Lara Madöery Zicker Ilustration: Matias Araoz Design & Stylist: Julia Lesyk

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AN INTERVIEW.   How did you start photographing? What got you into it? In fact I don’t really remember what got me into photography. I started by hazard. I bought my first camera when I was 13 with the money I saved. I used it a lot and I dropped it in a drawer for […]

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