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Dress up game

By Pymin Davidov dress by EmmaKova, shoes by Ann Demeulemeester, accessories vintage dress by Alexander Wang, accessories by @MOYSLADKIYFETISH, leather accessories by @MOYSLADKIYFETISH,shoes by Ann Demeulemeester, leather dress by EmmaKova, eather accessories by @MOYSLADKIYFETISH bomber by KTZ, dress – EmmaKova, accessories by Ugo Cacciatori dress by Dsquared, earring by Ugo Cacciatori fur – EmmaKova, ear […]

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Iulka -Home Alone

“The collection is inspired by these moments when you are alone in your own house, and do whatever you want. You take that HOME ALONE´s attitude to the real world, it´s going out in your most comfortable clothes, feeling more you. Wear the same clothes to go out 5 minutes and to go out on a […]

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