Archie Fitzgerald

Archie Fitzgerald is turning into a DRECK magazine obsession, having been featured more than once. From England to Berlin to Melbourne, this is one genius artist whose work is so mind-blowingly fucked up it gets you really hooked. The inspiration behind it partly explains that: serial killers, pedophiles, rapists, internet freaks, anything wrong in people’s […]

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AN INTERVIEW. How do your illustrations differ from your photography? First and foremost , illustration is how I make a living  , it’s my bread & butter , Photography has always been my ‘non client’ driven way of making images. Although I’m often given a lot of creative latitude with my illustration , taking photos […]

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AN INTERVIEW. You  work on so much! How did you get involved with it all? What came first? I come from an artistic family and have always been surrounded by art and creative people. I have always been encouraged to create whenever possible. My fascination with the 1920’s woman and the lingerie from that era […]

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