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Out There

By Ale Bauducco x Cami Sosa Styling: Cami Sosa Ph: Ale Bauducco Ph Asst: Toto Pons Fashion Film: Lean Bauducco Make up & Hair: Nati Blatt Model: Mia Flores Pirán (Look1 Models) Clothes: Juan Hernandez Daels, LeCoq Sportif, Naima, Nickie, Infinit, Boken, Nike, Adidas, Zubielqui, Onneta y Edith Louise para Roomie, Frabulosa, Sinestesia, Gelsso, Lúdica, […]

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Art, Fashion

Non Convencional

Nicolas Santiñaque is a photographer and visual artist from Argentina. We present a short series of collages inspired by different animals he did in this editorial with clothing brand couture Juan Hernandez Daels. How did you start as an artist? My parents were never very close to arts, so my approaching was in my youth in […]

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