Anton Shebetko is an artist and photographer from Kiev, Ukraine. In his art he is trying to focus on questions of gender equality, transformation of a bodily and sexual attraction. Sometimes his works are deadly serious but most of the time they are funny, trashy and sexy. "Snuff" is a series about instability of memories and ghosts of one-night stands. About how difficult it … Continue reading Snuff

The Eternal State

Debut pieces from Anastasia Voynovsky reflect on the eternal state of freedom and youth that a person carries in mind throughout his/her life. Shot by young and talented Alexei Gotz on the territory of the Kiev crematorium, the collection is a statement of freedom, minimalist elegance and comfort all of which are admired by the young generation. … Continue reading The Eternal State


BY SERGEY MELNITCHENKO. The end of March. In the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv, begins the heaviest snowfall in the last years. I am here for few days and I'm lucky to be here at this moment, to share feelings with residents and to see everything myself. Someone helps people push cars out of snowdrifts, … Continue reading SNOWSTORM.