Bastian Kalous

Bastian Kalous is a polaroid and instant film artist who started taking pictures while walking his dog. Ever since he has captured the most breathtaking eerie polaroid photos of countless places he has been to. And there is still more where these come from. How did you first get interested in photography? And polaroids in … Continue reading Bastian Kalous


By Paulina Korobkiewicz "I work around the construction of modern landscape and reoccurring patterns within it. My investigation isn't restricted to any particular area of London. These images emphasise the repetition of architectural form throughout the city. I aim to blur the line between synthetic structures and the digitally altered compositions which play a large part … Continue reading Realities


By Thomas Bavington The Quiraing is an area at the North end of the Trotternish Ridge on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where the land has slipped into strange rock formations.  The land is still slowly slipping here and the roads have to be repaired every year as a result.  One of the most … Continue reading Quiraing.


AN INTERVIEW. Voreas from Greece is one of the most amazing photographers to come across on flickr. His captivating street shots and majestic landscapes, especially those photographs of mount Olympus that take your breath away are explaining his views on photography: A projection of the photographers world onto reality. How did you first become interested … Continue reading VOREAS.


AN INTERVIEW. Harald Wawrzyniak is a photographer from Carinthia, Austria. In 2012 he took all his stuff and moved out to Graz, where he currently lives and works. Photography was unknowingly there all the time till he discovered his first Dslr in 2009. He has studied at the Academy of Applied Photography where he found … Continue reading HARALD WAWRZYNIAK.


BY BERBER THEUNISSEN. Fall 2013 me and granddad went to Iceland. Me 24, him 75, differentiated by 51 years of life-experience. While I was figuring out how to live my life and what choices to make, Granddad was looking back on the choices he hadmade in life and the ‘growth’ between then and now. We had … Continue reading DOZEN OF BULLS.


AN INTERVIEW. I'm always excited about books people publish. And i see you have published 2. Hometown book and Bygones. What are they about? How do they differ? Bygones is my first self-published photo book.It contains some of my photography works from 2011 to 2012.Most of them were taken with 120 film.In this book, I tried to … Continue reading YANG DU.


AN INTERVIEW. Lots of blank spaces. Or aren't they that blank? What do blank spaces mean to you? I try to spread kind of an arc of suspense between absence as a demand for presence and absence as a denial in terms of the romantic painters. My photography offers different possibilities and situations for absence. … Continue reading DOMINIC MICHEL.