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Shiori Akiba is a photographer who grew up in Hokkaido and is currently based in Tokyo. The theme of her photography is “nudity”. “I used to study psychology in university. During studying there I learned photography on my own and won the prize in a photography contest. After the graduation, I stopped taking photographs for some time […]

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AN INTERVIEW. Robert Chang is a photographer and visual artist from Hong Kong. Having worked as a cameraman in the past, he has been involved with arts from a very early age. His portraits and street shots are dark, melancholy and raw, fragments of his life.  You are a multitalented artist, how did you get […]

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AN INTERVIEW. How did you start taking pictures? Have you had lots of support? A few years ago I realized that I could not really do anything else. Support? Then and now, the extraordinary thing is the people around me. How different is it shooting humans and animals? When I photograph animals, these are always […]

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