Aizawa Yoshikazu

Aizawa Yoshikazu is a Tokyo based Japanese photographer who speaks only Japanese. His work however, speaks for him in a universal language, as universal as his themes. Animals, plants, women weave his cosmos and help him explore and capture the essence of life as he sees it through his lens. Where do you get ideas … Continue reading Aizawa Yoshikazu

Voyeur disposable

By Katy Strange Katy Strange is a young photographer from The Netherlands and currently based in Leipzig, Germany. She studied visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht. Basically, a visual storyteller (for cats and people), she is good at making/doing dull-expressions with her face. This set of pics looks to create the … Continue reading Voyeur disposable

Fabio & Macintyre – nudity is an excuse for making a point

Fabio & Macintyre is a photographer who understands shooting nudes like few only do. He spoke to us about photography, shooting nudes, his inspirations, and the taboos of today. Do you remember what first got you interested in photography? What interested me more than photography itself was what it is that an image is portraying or … Continue reading Fabio & Macintyre – nudity is an excuse for making a point


Ever wondered what a Superultraextra universe would look like? We spoke to Superultraextra art-duo and they let us into the creative chaos of a world they seek to create with their images. How did you 2 meet and how did you decide to start working together? First time we saw each other was when 13 … Continue reading Superultraextra

Body of a Woman

By Marie May "When I wanted to take these pictures, I first wanted to address the issue of privacy. I turned to the nudes of a young woman. In every day life if I do not personally know the person I just do not see people nude or in this way. It is through photography only … Continue reading Body of a Woman


AN INTERVIEW. Robert Chang is a photographer and visual artist from Hong Kong. Having worked as a cameraman in the past, he has been involved with arts from a very early age. His portraits and street shots are dark, melancholy and raw, fragments of his life.  You are a multitalented artist, how did you get … Continue reading ROBERT CHANG.


AN INTERVIEW.  Lobbiaz is a french photographer based in Paris. He shoots both digital and analogue always trying to actually create  the photo when he shoots, not afterwards. He seeks to promote what he’d like to call another kind of look in photography and does believe there is something genuine in the underground. Do you remember the first picture you … Continue reading LOBBIAZ.