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I Want to Eat You Up

By Raisa Desypri Gynophagia: The metaphorical consumption of the female, from eating pussy to eating junk-food and back. I wanna know what you taste like.  Let’s talk about food or, even better, let’s talk about sex. These are, probably, the world’s two favourite topics of conversation. Their connection is such that when talking about food […]

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How to be a happy Rentboy.

I don’t really know how legal rentboys are…depends on every country I guess, right? I guess it’s not the job anyone dreamed about, but it’s a job… and one thing is for sure, if you are a rentboy you’ll have to do some pretty nasty stuff and you’ll have a to be a mean twisted kid […]

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AN INTERVIEW. How did you know you wanted to be an illustrator? It resulted totally naturally. Drawing is my passion since childhood. I was drawing witches, ghosts, monsters, vampires and aliens with my best friend. What sort of themes do you choose to depict? I rather depict difficult and uncomfortable subjects, such as: sex, gender, death, deviance, violence, diseases, differences, ugliness. I`m not running away from a very lyrical shots too. My art […]

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BY HERNESTO CONHACHE.   “In Spanish the translation for boy is Chico, and for girl is Chica. So in this case i prefer to use the word Chique for someone who isn’t a boy or a girl exactly. Chique is an exploration of a photographic-aesthetic contemporary symptom, an uncomfortable point for the psychiatric power and […]

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