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Tenderness of girls

Yung Hua Chen is an immensely talented photographer and visual artist hailing form Taipei, Taiwan. Her work, mainly composed of emotive self portraits and sublime pictures of her friends, often plays with light and shadows and the female sense of beauty and form. Is it easier to photograph yourself or to photograph other people? I […]

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Being Lonely Alone

Chih-han Yang x Alex S. Yu “Shot in Taipei, we wanted to create a project where the photographer is also the make up artist and model. All photos are shot with 35mm film with a timer or held by the model herself.” Photography / Make Up / Model – Chih-han Yang Stylist / Alex S. Yu

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 Jeremy Tsai is an photographer from Taipei, Taiwan. He shoots in analog and photography for him is a way of recording his life, people around him and moments, that are beautiful and deserve to be kept alive in his memory. Do you remember the first photograph you took and really liked? This photo was one […]

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Peter Lin – Getting under your skin.

Peter Lin- Kun Shan University graduate- is the multitalented owner of Ibiza Ink, the most impressive tattoo studio in Taipei. Incredibly skilled when it comes to his tattoo artwork, he always finds himself at the core of the artistic underground in Taiwan, since he is always buzzing with ideas and creativity. “I like watching movies, listening […]

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