By Chih Han Yang   Photographer-Chih Han Yang Model-Chih Han Yang Make up- Jennifer Wang Stylist-Alex S. YU.

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Photography, Travel


 Jeremy Tsai is an photographer from Taipei, Taiwan. He shoots in analog and photography for him is a way of recording his life, people around him and moments, that are beautiful and deserve to be kept alive in his memory. Do you remember the first photograph you took and really liked? This photo was one […]

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Growth and Deterioration

by Chung Lun Wu “Growth and Deterioration” is the fashion thesis collection of Sheri Shih Hui Chang, which features digital modeling design techniques and was produced by digital fabrications, such as 3D printing, routing, and laser cutting. By using parametric digital techniques to create repeated forms from the nature, the morphology of creatures was represented […]

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