By Gino Ward Pattern Cutting and Construction by Zhiyu Chen, Anisah Mohd Farid, Jo Hee Shin and Caprice Brown Knit textile by Yuhan Zhou Textile print by Danielle Ebenholtz, Aitangsyk Zhangbyrshina Embroidery by Anushka Patel, Fong Yau Lam, and Julia Marianna Trzos Hair and Make-Up by Iga Wasylczuk Photographed by Gino Ward […]

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Art, Photography

Luna Luis Ortiz -portraits until I die

Luna Luis Ortiz was born into art with a father whom had a fondness for photography in New York City 1972. Ortiz always had a flair for arts with drawing and painting. In 1986, he was infected with HIV at the age of 14 from his first sexual experience. Thereafter he picked up one of […]

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