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HI, I’M JONNY On gender fluidity Before birth certificates and passport photos and phone calls to family, your gender was assigned to you. What is ‘normal’? Through globalisation accompanied by the internet era, the diversity of humanity is more visible now than ever. To visually discuss this cultural revolution people are moving to the core […]

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Body of a Woman

By Marie May “When I wanted to take these pictures, I first wanted to address the issue of privacy. I turned to the nudes of a young woman. In every day life if I do not personally know the person I just do not see people nude or in this way. It is through photography only […]

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BY ANNA BLOCK. self-portraits mingled with self-landscapes and vice versa   Mirrors   metastasising snowstorm, cutting wind through which they shoved their way cramping claws with no goal but knowing address as the best laws   wet blackness beyond sweating windows tea with no sugar, beds with no pillows thick covers of fluffed darkness rose […]

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