DRECK Magazine is raw and dirty and bold, with a focus on street and underground culture. DRECK’s aesthetics want to clash with the norm. What is perceived and dictated as pretty or trendy is of no interest to us.

DRECK Magazine seeks to become an independent platform for new, old, odd ideas in arts as well as in fashion.




Emma TheCatt // Editor in Chief– CEO

Amanda Akiyama // Art Director  -Fashion Editor 

Callikrati Vuyuk // Fashion Editor

Robert Chang // Editor at Large 

Damianos Moraitidis // Editor at Large


Savvas Aslanidis . Yukika Tasaki . Ahida Agirre. Elly Cheng . Yannis Skarakis . Zai Najera . George Nebieridze . Prodromos Emmanouildis . Benny YS Lin . Eve Chen . Paolo Carzana . Sherri Person . Jules Faure . Sanna Swedan . Sergey Melnitchenko . Maya Fuhr . Laurence Philomene. Inge Schmidt

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