Boys don’t cry

By Spyros Droussiotis Photographer: Spyros Droussiotis Production Coordinator: Eva Mikelatou Stylist: Camix Pailler MUA and Hair: Sabina Pinsone Photographers assistant: Thalia Paraskeva Location: Agora Collective (Berlin) Models: Jacob Grin, Frederik Lovric, Ariel Martin, Moritz Gustavson, Ryo Koike Designers: Lani Lees, Hermione Flynn, Yulia Kjellsson, Fomme, Verena Schepperheyn, Vava Dudu


By Josefina Santos Photography: Josefina Santos Styling: Claudia Rojas Model: Manuela Rocha 1.Denim Oversize Dress: Acne Studios 2.Pants: vintage, Top: Baserange, Boots: CARMELINAS 3. Denim Oversize Dress: Acne Studios, Dress: vintage marchesa, Tights: Wolford. 4. Top: Caron Callahan 5. Coat - MAISON MESS, Pants - LOMBARDA, Shoes - Loeffer Randall, Tights: Wolford 7. Velvet Jumpsuit : ZARA, Shoes: … Continue reading Feminin

Out There

By Ale Bauducco x Cami Sosa Styling: Cami Sosa Ph: Ale Bauducco Ph Asst: Toto Pons Fashion Film: Lean Bauducco Make up & Hair: Nati Blatt Model: Mia Flores Pirán (Look1 Models) Clothes: Juan Hernandez Daels, LeCoq Sportif, Naima, Nickie, Infinit, Boken, Nike, Adidas, Zubielqui, Onneta y Edith Louise para Roomie, Frabulosa, Sinestesia, Gelsso, Lúdica, … Continue reading Out There

Spice Girl

By Danika Magdalena Photographer: Danika Magdalena - Styling: Palesa Dlamini - / @masentle Makeup: Julia Edwards - / @juliaedwardsmakeup Hair: Aieasha Paul -  @aieashadoeshair Model: Lydia at Linden Staub / @lindenstaub Scary spice: M-Sew jeans, Top Boohoo / Ginger: M-Sew jumpsuit, Stylist's own earrings / Baby: Kill babe boots, Forever21 dress, … Continue reading Spice Girl

Dress up game

By Pymin Davidov dress by EmmaKova, shoes by Ann Demeulemeester, accessories vintage dress by Alexander Wang, accessories by @MOYSLADKIYFETISH, leather accessories by @MOYSLADKIYFETISH,shoes by Ann Demeulemeester, leather dress by EmmaKova, eather accessories by @MOYSLADKIYFETISH bomber by KTZ, dress - EmmaKova, accessories by Ugo Cacciatori dress by Dsquared, earring by Ugo Cacciatori fur - EmmaKova, ear … Continue reading Dress up game

Red Spin

By Ava Pivot Photographer: Ava Pivot ( Facebook: Instagram: AVAPIVOT Concept/Styling/Layout: Maria Knofe & Natalie Deutsch @surreflections ( Facebook: Instagram: SURREFLECTIONS Hair and Make-up: Anne-Marie Wittchen Instagram: ANNE_MARIE_WITTCHEN Model: Pace Chen @Izaio Instagram: PACEBYPACE, IZAIO_MODELMANAGEMENT Photographer’s Assistant: Özden Uuzun WARDROBE Picture 1// Tape Jeans Scarf & Shirt: ESTHER PERBANDT, Coat: DARKOH   Picture … Continue reading Red Spin


PHOTO: IRAN DIMAS (@irancomoelpais) ART DIRECTION: KEVIN VASQUES (@k.vv.n) STYLING: KAREN TAPIA (@champucita) T-shirt:Trasher Magazine Body: HY-DILK Jeans: Cheap Monday Cap: Adidas Shoes: Nike Body: HY-DILK Jeans: Cheap Monday Accesories: H&M Hoddie: Vans Pants: Calvin Klein Accesories: H&M Top and accesories: H&M Pants: TOP MAN Top and accesories: H&M Jersey: American Apparel Pants: TOP MAN Shoes: Nike Jacket and Pants: Adidas Originals Accesories: H&M

Council Estate Boy

By Alfie Wright Photographer: Alfie Wright - Model: Sonny Walker @ J'Adore Models Stylist: Allegra Ghiloni - MUA: Chloe Winter LOOK 1- Shirt: Ben Sherman from Jeans: Levi's Hat: Pop Boutique Braces: Pop Boutique Socks: Stylist's Own Shoes: Pop Boutique  LOOK 2 - Oversized T-Shirt: Vintage Adidas - Pop Boutique Jeans: Levi's Socks: … Continue reading Council Estate Boy

The Hermit

By Stefano Gai x Mavì Taten "Our themes are passion, pain, loneliness, mysticism. This is the story about S.Ciro, an egyptian saint from III century d.C. After more than 1400 years, S.Ciro's figure enters in the story and religious devotion of my home country, Grottaglie (south Italy)." Clothes: Mavì Taten MUA : Silvia Galeazzo Photo: … Continue reading The Hermit