TKH exploring urbanities

Macau-born TKH (Kuok Hou Tang) is a photographer with a BA in sociology. Tang is the founder of the Macau photo collective – “Dialect”. He takes on themes such as the city, time, memory and local culture and explores them through the man-made landscape, the interconnection among urbanites, landscapes and human existence versus Nature.

Shen Wei shoots self-reflection

Shen Wei is a Chinese-born American artist based in New York City. He is known for his intimate portraits of others and himself, as well as his poetic landscapes and still-life photography.  His work has been exhibited internationally and featured in some of the biggest magazines in the world. His work embraces the Chinese philosophy of Qi, traditional Chinese paintings, nature, self-reflection, and moments of daily life.

Feng Jiang recreates the 90s using desires and fantasies

Feng Jiang is a Chinese born photographer working and living in Canada. His work grows as he does like extended self-portraits that reflect desires, ideologies, fantasies and brain waves from different stages of his life. FInd out how expeirences, stimulations, and particularly the 90s reflect in his work.

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Utopian Garden

Sinsing Chow recreates utopia for our sold out Beautiful issue.

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Taiwanese photographer Ann-Yu Liao shoots and styles Martin amid sunflowers, fields, and fall breeze.